We enjoy meeting our clients face-to-face either in their home/office or at our office in Milngavie. We do not feel that decisions regarding money should typically be made via email or other “electronic” forms of communication but we recognise that we now operate in a world that may require us to be flexible in our approach – we will work the way that suits our clients and takes account of their preferences.

We will be pleased to meet any prospective new clients for a first discussion that is free and without any obligation. Following that meeting, we would provide information about the costs involved using our services – both initially and on an on-going basis. We would also agree the level of service that is appropriate in terms of regularity of review meetings.

Wisdom Consulting have clients who typically live and/or work in and around Glasgow but also “further afield” –  for example in Edinburgh, Ayrshire and Argyll and Bute.